“Story of Solutions” (Re-cap)

This is a brief re-cap of the video “Story of Solutions”


This video is 9:06 in length, that’s 9 minutes and 6 seconds. It was released in October, 2013.

I previously enjoyed the Story of Stuff video by the same group.

This video explains how we are playing the wrong economic game in focusing on more rathe than better. This focus on more creates many of the problems we face as a species on this planet including income inequality, poverty, famine, climate change, loss of biodiversity and much more.

If, instead, we focused on better as an economic goal, many of those problems would go away. By rewarding improvement of what we already have rather than creating more stuff and eliminating planned obsolescence and disposable products in favor of reusing, refactoring, and recycling over waste, we could go a long way to mitigating our huge human footprint on the natural world.

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