Seeing The Forest

  • The Siuslaw National Forest, a temperate rain forest, was over logged by the United States Forest Service (USFS) for decades since World War 2, which caused a great deal of environmental damage and a drastic decline of the local salmon population.
  • Environmentalists protested the treatment of the forest and after much struggle the matter was finally brought to a federal court.
  • It was discovered that the forest was entirely a habitat for the Spotted Owl, which was in danger of extinction.
  • A federal judge handed environmentalists a complete victory and ordered all logging suspended and the forest management to change according to a plan.
  • The Northwest Forest Plan was implemented that would restore the forest and stream habitat to its natural state and preserve it.
  • Eventually, the USFS and even loggers got behind the plan and worked with environmentalists on a science-based approach to restoring and preserving the forest.
  • This cooperative approach resulted in a huge success and today the forest is very healthy and returning to its former pristine glory.

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