Living With Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions are largely misunderstood by humans.

We have unfairly portrayed them as cold-blooded killers.

They, like most sane inhabitants of Earth, are gentle and kind to each other in a family unit.

Mountain Lion society seems to be Matriarchal. Females are chiefly responsible for raising their young.

Humans have somewhat demonized Mountain Lions, creating an aura of fear around them.

I have learned that capturing wild animals can go awry, it seems that the team did a good job of tagging the mountain lions without losing them.

Young male Mountain Lions travel long distances to find their own new territory and mates.

Mountain Lions prey mostly on deer, elk, and other herbivores.

Mountain Lion hunting is unregulated and their numbers are dwindling.

Mountain Lion survival is continuing in spite of human interference and hunting, but this fact may not persist due to human economic growth that requires more and more natural resources.

Check out this site and, please, donate. If we don’t support other apex species, we humans will soon die off as well:

Mountain Lions and Humans can coexist if we take care of and respect their habitat. As an apex species, mountain lions are exceptional. They deserve our respect.

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