Soil Solutions to Climate Problems and A Plant’s Eye View

Two Video Summaries by Tom Hart

Soil Solutions to Climate Problems

Michael Pollans narrates this video about how we can sequester carbon in soil if we treat it differently in agriculture and in everything we do with the ground beneather our feet.

Soil captures and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere through plants that absorb CO2 and pump it into the ground. If we stop tilling and learn to plant and cultivate without disturbing the soil we could reduce carbon loss into the atmosphere. Carbon is necessary for soil health but a lot is lost through tilling the soil. If we keep ground covered with plants to reduce carbon emissions, use crop rotation and increase crop diversity, compost, and use carefully planned grazing, that will go a long way to reducing carbon emissions from agriculture and other land management practices.

See the video here:

A Plant’s Eye View

Looking at the world from a plant’s point of view is how Michael Pollan sets up this TED talk about the Polyface Farm. The farm is a steward for multiple species of plants, animals, etc., that all do something for each other; they provide each other certain specific ecological services. They are interconnected in mutually beneficial ways and this makes the farm self-sustaining and enhances the biodiversity of the area. If humans everywhere could farm this way, which is very inexpensive, it would go along way to heal the planet and reverse centuries of destructive farming methods.

See the video here:

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